ChromoChallenges Jess Plummer Natural Detox Natural Zeolite Touchstone Essentials Pure Body

Why use Pure Body brand zeolite?

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ChromoChallenges Jess Plummer Natural Detox Natural Zeolite Touchstone Essentials Pure Body

A thing that irritates me strikes again (censorship). Of course I complained about that to friends.

A discussion group (for an aspect of intestinal bacterial imbalance) I follow has a post that mentioned a synthetic zeolite. Next was a slew of comments agreeing it’s horrible for unknown reasons. I commented with an actual response contrasting synthetic vs natural and past experience with both. I also commented how it potentially contradicts the protocol that was at hand for its own reasons. Yet only my comment was removed, and the thread was closed.

Okay, be that way. But that thread made me realize why their protocol is indefinite and easy to regress: Because the very function of zeolite is to remove the toxic obstacles bogging down the digestive/immune system’s natural processes. I mean, a person can light matches in the bathroom, but the smell won’t be fixed until they flush, amiright?

“So, about zeolite. Is there a brand or type you’d recommend?”

The one that my family uses is the zeolite I now endorse: Touchstone Essentials Pure Body Extra Strength (PBX) Zeolite or Pure Body (PB) Zeolite. My child Aubby, who was born with Trisomy 18, has had more gains in 11 days — neurological improvements, balance and stability, stamina, food and chemical tolerance — than on a month of what we were using previously. So I know from experience that synthetic (like Advanced TRS that we used in January 2020) does not compare to natural zeolite (like the Pure Body Extra Strength zeolite we started in September 2020 and still use now).

In addition, I “lost weight” (inflammation) and went down a full shirt size in 3 weeks of use, I stopped having major anxiety like I was, my family’s all sleeping better, my husband’s more animated in expressiveness, my asthma and stamina have improved. Multiple doctors have told me I wasn’t hypoglycemic but never did any testing because it “wasn’t warranted”, but I’ve also had hypoglycemia-like symptoms (weak, shaky, dizzy, clammy that comes on suddenly if I don’t eat enough and often enough) since high school that I haven’t felt since starting PBX.

The other point I had to make in response to that post was that their experience with synthetic zeolite might also reflect what I’ve seen elsewhere, such as a synthetic zeolite “injury” group I joined so I could see what they said. In the original post I complained about, they also mentioned behavioral regressions, and the injury group mentions hair loss after a while. Natural zeolite makes a “swap” of minerals (cation exchange), while synthetic is not study-proven to act the same — that, to me, would explain hair loss and other side effects, particularly if the synthetic is taking minerals indiscriminately. Natural zeolite only takes positively charged particles, and leaves negatively charged alone — which removes things inhibiting the body’s natural recovery processes. Particularly, toxic heavy metals, and also mycotoxins.

But neither of those harsh effects have to my knowledge been reported anywhere for PBX. There are individuals who’ve had to be on it long-term and have put Lyme’s, eczema, and other things into remission. Aubby’s still showing improvement, too. Last night she had the forethought to put a pillow on the floor to sit herself on. That was right after cruising around the couch in a, yet again, more advanced way than me and my husband have seen.

“I’m looking to purchase, but the choices on Amazon are multiple.”

This page includes direct/affiliate sales links that I use to support my work. At no additional cost than what you buy on your own, I may receive a commission if you make a purchase.

The prices on Amazon are comparable to the Regular size zeolite from Pure Body, which is one-time purchase for $39, or $29 on autoship (and same autoship pricing with membership), and from my family’s experience I am assured of quality.

I did look through Amazon though, and price comparable zeolites (ranging $20-70) that are also liquid have other additives that I wouldn’t be using for Aubby on account of synthetic corn derivatives. Synthetic corn derivatives imply a less quality process, and at minimum not knowing what kind of ingredient your digestive system won’t want to process, so I wouldn’t go for that kind either. The bottle/contents sizes are also comparable to PB Regular, which is a month supply.

For those preferring to buy retail rather than direct, there are two that look useable to me, with enough reviews and review trend for me to accept their consideration: a capsule one for $30 by Suspended Solutions and a powder one for $34 by HeilTropfen that appear reliable. I’d have to look into how the capsule concentration is vs Pure Body brand, and how the powder would have to be dosed to be comparable.

The only thing I see better than other liquids for quality, or better than powder kinds for easy dosing, is PBX which gives 2 oz in a bottle. That amount can last Aubby, our second child, and me and my husband for 15 days. That 15 days becomes about 4-6 weeks for a single adult if they followed how we as adults (counting Aubby and our second as “one adult”) dose with 3 sprays in morning and afternoon and 2 in the evening.

“What’s the difference between Pure Body Extra Strength and Pure Body Regular Zeolites?”

PBX is nano, is absorbed by the gut, and it cleanses wherever the bloodstream can go.

PB is larger particle so stays in the digestive tract to target the GI specifically. Powder forms are included here, though if there is a finer powder in question I’d have to examine it.

Both approaches will work through the liver in the process. PB will remove what the bloodstream turns to bile that’s in the GI. PBX would remove from the inside out and later overlap along the same route since the liver/kidneys/bile process everything. However, I noticed far more comfort and improvement when using both — let the drops do the heavy lifting, and let the nano keep sifting things to the gut.

So there’s a few options. The capsules look like the best option to me if I were to have to choose a different brand. However, my preference is to work in liquid drops so I can control dosing more easily. And so far, my experience with Pure Body Extra Strength Nano Zeolite, and becoming increasingly impressed with its quality, makes it unparalleled and important for improving health and then maintaining good health hygiene.

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  1. Hi Jesse, l been reading a fee of your posts n feel inspired to get some zeolite, is PBX the one you recommend? If not ..would you mind explaining which one..n why? I wanted to reach you via FB..but links are only for reposting..?
    Love to hear back from you,
    I live in Australia. Thank you kindly…n wonderful job you done with your baby girl … especially pump/breast feeding during those circumstances. Well done. I fed my boy many years ago until he didn’t want anymore, almost a year, 6months exclusive breastmilk.

    1. Yes, the PBX + PB set is what I recommend since it’s done so much for my family, and I’m proud and grateful to say the company ships internationally. 😀 Not sure about links only for reposting, but I can be contacted by messenger at my profile ( I’ll also go ahead and reply at your email addy supplied for this post from my gmail.

      Thank you so much! That’s wonderful he had that time on breastmilk. <3

  2. I’ve been using pure body and pure body extra 4 months now. I’ve noticed it’s helped with IDMS, and my naturalist did get my blood work done it’s called a live dead analysis and it does show that it’s pulling the toxins BABYMETAL found. I was taking two sprays and two drops in the morning and at night my hair is a stick as for peoples hair literally I have very thick and luscious hair and it’s to my butt. I had to decrease the two drops to one drop and one spray per day because of how much hair loss I was having. I was losing a full rush field daily if I had been hair I would be bald. To give you a little background I have been struggling with my weight for three years I have in the last year and a half went holistic, I see a naturalist doctor I cut processed preservatives for the most part out of my food I eat organic and gluten-free and minimal dairy dairy. So I know it’s not in my food I drink alkaline water and filtered or spring water. I’ll do your vitamins nonsynthetic. I know that it’s helping my digestive and I know that it’s pulling the metals out back to the point if we were to compare thickness of my hair it used to be close to 4 1/2 to 5 inches and now it’s 2 1/2 . No one that I’ve talked to about this product and explain to me why I have had such a huge detox effects with losing my hair. In the last month I have been doing one spray and one drop a day and two days ago I bumped it up to two sprays and four drops and immediately I started losing clumps of hair again. Please any suggestion because I love the product but I don’t want to be bald bald. U

    1. I would also like to point out that I do minerals also that are organic are used black oxygen organic. I know that it’s been discontinued but I truly do not believe the disclaimers and I bought as a distributor 17 bags and due to the fact that you can micromanage these at 1:32 to 1/16 of a teaspoon they will last me for several years. My naturalist suggested taking my black oxygen minerals when I do the Z light so I have been doing that for the last month. And I haven’t had any hair loss and I’ve noticed my bowel movements have been better my leaky gut/IBM S has all improved but when I went to two sprays and four drops two days ago I started losing a lot of hair again. I will try for the next couple days to do one drop in one spray in the morning and one drop in one spread night if I continue to lose my hair I will have to cut back to one spray and one drop there’s no way I can do it three times a day or I would be bald and considering I do a lot of natural and holistic things it’s really mind-boggling

      1. Thank you for your comment, and I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through that. Regarding BOO, I no longer support its use in my own protocols and am moving to wipe my experience of it from my work. It was good at the time I acquired it– *good* product. Then something about the company went wonky and now there’s some lawsuit stuff going on, starting with batches following when I tried it. I’ll be distancing myself now that that’s come to light. I will never support anything I don’t believe in and doesn’t have a reputation I would personally use. What I’ve found is that similar results can be gained from Iodine Protocol (per Dr. Brownstein) and Iron Protocol (per Morley Robbins).

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