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Helping improve my daughter’s health has been my task to bear, as that is for any parent and their child. It took me four years to realize the extent to which gut health equals whole health. But I got there. But working to rebalance bacteria wasn’t enough. After reading even more, it occurred to me that I needed to figure out what factors would inhibit bacterial balance itself!

One inhibiting factor is bioaccumulation of toxic heavy metals. This happens from within the food supply and from the environment (both indoors and outside). Thing is, those nano- and micro-sized particles get caught in the body by the overgrown bacteria that tries to fix the issue called candida.

In addition, this process is perpetuated by gut dysbiosis (imbalance) from synthetic ingredients that inhibit the digestive process.

So what primary thing did I do to clear her of toxic heavy metals?

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What is zeolite?

Clinoptilolite zeolite is a natural type of volcanic mineral with the ability to cage, neutralize, and then remove toxins such as heavy metals.

Read what it can do: my family’s Day 11 and Day 20 progress with zeolite, and my own Zeolite Progress: Month 9.

What’s a good zeolite product?

This section includes a direct sales link that I use to support my work. At no additional cost than what you buy on your own, I may receive a commission if you make a purchase.

Read up on Why use Pure Body brand zeolite? Or, TL;DR? Pure Body Extra Strength, or PBX (nano size particle to detox wherever blood goes), and Pure Body Regular, or PB (larger size particle for cleansing the GI/digestive tract), are non-synthetic sprays containing clinoptilolite zeolite that cages, neutralizes, and then removes toxins such as heavy metals in about six hours.

Use this portal to Touchstone Essentials to get it: https://784025.thegoodinside.com/. Signing up from the get-go with a Membership allows access to reduced autoship prices without having to be on autoship.

How safe is zeolite for detoxification?

Click through the links below for more info: