Aubby’s Clean Brand Picks

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ChromoChallenges Jess Plummer Corn Derivatives Ingredients Label

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The weirdest thing I’ve learned since removing corn from my daughter’s diet and more corn safe foods entering our household is that my daughter’s allergies match… me. Used to think I was dairy/wheat gluten and she was dairy/wheat gluten/corn.

Like, we removed all corn we found in our home from her diet and environment with a corn allergy support group’s recommendations and she’s back on the right track. So it’d be more accurate to say her food allergies are dairy/wheat&corn glutens.

Then she started reacting to many more things and we removed those — all corn derivatives (like citric acid) and byproducts (synthetics). To make our home safe, we just started filtering all of those items out of our grocery lists and eliminating them from our lives.

I started noticing my own body was happier with the removals for hers. Like, less bloating. Actually getting weight off. Here’s the kicker — removing all polyester has made my migraines I’ve had since 2009 stop.

In addition, cleaning up our home of corn derivatives had the added benefit of keeping my son Eo’s corn intolerance manageable before it became enough of a problem that I recognized the signs.

You might give this list of brands a whirl.

Aubby’s Clean Brand Picks

Amazon (online)

Entegro Health (online)

Healthy Traditions (online)

Homeopathy (online)

Touchstone Essentials (online)

Teffco (online)

Stores: Aldis, Publix, Whole Foods

  • Dakota dried northern beans
  • Fremont wild caught fish
  • Simply Nature brand:
    • oil (olive oil, avocado oil)
    • canned pinto and black beans, but starting to react more (kidney beans have already been right out)

Farmers Market

  • We mostly just shop Farmers Market. Can get different things seasonally: cabbage, sweet potatoes, lettuce, cauliflower, carrots, onions, apples… The grass fed+finished meat lady was there today so we got beef too. We also get lamb meat from another vendor.
  • An organic produce store might also have items. One near to us has fruit preserves, coconut aminos, and Farmers Market stuff like broccoli when we can’t make it.


  • Single spice brands: Frontier, Penzeys, Simply Organic
  • Salt: Celtic grey sea salt, coarse pink Himalayan

Bragg’s brand Apple Cider Vinegar (with the Mother)

Personal care

For laundry

  • 1/2 C each of Borax, A&H Washing Soda, Bragg’s brand Apple Cider Vinegar (with the Mother)
  • No dryer stuff needed unless wool balls are desired


Clothing: 100% materials for clothing of: cotton, cotton denim, linen, untreated wool, twill, cotton flannel, pima cotton, cotton modal is acceptable, ethically sourced leather, etc.

And Corn Allergy Girl also has a superb list of products that may be trialed to see what works for you.

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