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ChromoChallenges Jess Plummer Grateful
Where we began…

ChromoChallenges began as a blog about coping

and other challenges that’ve come with understanding chromosomal differences my daughter and I were born with.

But it’s so much more. After four intensive years of observations and using least-noninvasive care approaches, we’ve handled

  • Aubby’s health across multiple medical disciplines (GI, PT, etc.)
  • my issues with fertility as a Balanced Translocation carrier (including having a child with nontypical chromosomes, repeat miscarriage, and what I did to have a chromotypical child)
  • Aubby’s health events vs those of chromotypical children

and how I’ve solved my daughter’s health needs over time has led to knowing that health (immediate and generational) begins in the Gut.

ChromoChallenges Jess Plummer Corn Safe  Oct 26 Dec 3 Dec 22 Of 2019
The above compares 26 Oct, 3 Dec, and 22 Dec 2019 after starting work directly on my daughter’s Gut microbiome by incorporating a good live probiotic and removing corn derivatives from her diet. — A difference of just two months.

Then I learned how gut dysbiosis is further entrenched by the presence of a toxin burden from pollutants in food and the environment that help is needed to remove so the body can do its job to recover the way it’s supposed to.

The above compares 25 Sept and 11 Oct of 2020, and 5 Jan of 2021. Over a span of 3 months — nano zeolite spray was used for 2 of them, and then regular zeolite drops alongside the spray for the other.

Since health begins in the Gut, ChromoChallenges now includes content for

using the same least-invasive methods my family uses at home. (As I keep learning, I’ll link more of these up!)

I truly hope my work helps you as much as it helps my family.

About Jess

ChromoChallenges Jess Plummer Profile Photo May 2021

I’m an Independent Researcher and Medical Mom. My work on ChromoChallenges comes of helping my daughter. Depending how things work for her, her fixes often help our whole home. My life’s just where these issues came together in 2015. Whatever I find works reliably for us, I share so others might also benefit their health from what I and my family have been through.

I attended Missouri State University and have a background in technical writing (BS degree, 2009) with additional writing flair (MA degree, 2011). Emphasis on research and editing. My experience spans research, writing, copyediting, and data entry in creative, archaeological, medical/scientific, and manufacturing fields.

I can be contacted by messenger at the ChromoChallenges Facebook page. (The official email is still currently experiencing some technical issues. Thanks, and happy to hear from you!) You can also join the discussion at the Flourishing Gut Health For ChromoChallenges Facebook group!

Previous Work

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Don’t get caught in “can’t” – so much more is possible. Just find, allow, and be open to reaching your best outcomes.


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