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Helping improve my daughter’s health has been my task to bear, as that is for any parent and their child. It took me four years to realize the extent to which gut health equals whole health. But I got there. But working to rebalance bacteria and remove toxins wasn’t enough. After reading even more, it occurred to me that I needed to not just support detox and the microbiome with nutrients, I needed to remineralize!

One inhibiting factor is that minerals are not a familiar topic in general health. In addition, this process is perpetuated by gut dysbiosis (imbalance) from synthetic ingredients that inhibit the digestive process.

So what primary thing did I do to help my family remineralize?

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What are fulvic minerals?

Fulvic minerals are the end product and smallest particle of the decomposition of ancient, organic matter contained in peat bog.

What do they do?

  • remove toxins such as heavy metals
  • are body function and system supportive
  • are essential to metabolic processes of living cells
  • helps correct cell imbalances
  • assist with enzyme production
  • assist with hormone structures
  • are necessary for absorption and use of vitamins

Read what it can do: my family’s Fulvic Mineral Improvements After 1 Month. And read up on our Tooth Remineralization Journey.

What’s a good fulvic mineral product?

This section includes a direct sales link that I use to support my work. At no additional cost than what you buy on your own, I may receive a commission if you make a purchase.

My family uses this one — use this portal to Black Oxygen Organics to get it: https://www.blackoxygenorganics.com/128249101.

Want to just see what all the people who use it have to say about it? Check out the Fulvic & Humic Solution support group (on Facebook) to see, and use my name “Jessica Plummer 128249101” to answer the SPONSOR question when you answer the questions to join.

How safe are fulvic minerals?

An example of the safety of fulvic minerals is that they show strong activity against against drug-resistant pathogens including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa:

However, one thing I’ve read is that fulvic minerals are best used alongside water that has been filtered — not tap. (I’ll do a writeup on this another time once I’ve looked into it more.) Drinking water that’s worth drinking by removing chemicals, pathogens, etc. is just nicer, anyway. Check Aubby’s Clean Brand Picks for what we use.

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