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Below are links to the Facebook and blog pages of other Trisomy Warriors so that you may follow and support their journeys.

Brandon’s Mosaic Trisomy 18 Journey, and for more information, check out Brandon’s website.

I am a teen with Mosaic Trisomy 18. There is a great deal of genetic discrimination with this condition. This website exists to bring hope to parents facing this diagnosis.

Fierce Georgia On My Mind, A Trisomy 18 Story

Partial Trisomy 18q Warrior. CHD Warrior. Redefining what a rare genetic condition is.

For the Love of Lillian — Trisomy 18 Princess

Lillian was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 at 27 weeks gestation. This is her journey of triumph!

Gunnars Trisomy 18 Warrior

This page is to celebrate everyday God gives us with Gunnar! He has Trisomy 18/Klinefelters. God is defiantly watching over him. Gunnar is a blessing.

Harper’s Grace — Writing Her Own Story With Trisomy 18

At 18 weeks pregnant we received Harper Grace’s diagnosis of Trisomy 18, AKA Edwards Syndrome. She’s now over a year old, and this is her story of hope.

Loving Lavender

A Mother’s journey of love beyond a time limit.

Prayers for Small but Mighty Ella Grace

On July 28, 2015, Shawn and Maria Revere welcomed a new baby girl to their family named Ella Grace. At 7 days old she was diagnosed with Trisomy 18.

Redefining Trisomy 18: More Than Ten Percent (Surviving the First Year as a Trisomy Mama)

One year later, I find fulfillment as new mothers facing the journey find our story and find hope. I felt called to do more, and here we are, a site and a prayer that the stories of these women who have endured the dreaded diagnosis of a rare trisomy can offer some hope and peace.

I asked mothers of various backgrounds, ethnicities, and outcomes to share the same thing… ‘If you could go back to the day of diagnosis, what would you say to yourself? What peace could you give?’

I hope by sharing their journeys, their perspectives, you can find your hope. I never want a new mother to feel the absolute darkness I felt those first days.

Team Jaylyn

Jaylyn was born with Spina Bifida and was also diagnosed with Trisomy 18. We have faith in Jesus for his healing as she is already a testimony.

The Light of Lunah

Our T18 miracle; Lunah’s fairy tale, animated with unmeasurable amounts of love, light, blessings & magic….in spite of the challenges, since 03-Dec-15

When My Soul Melts: Our journey with Verity Irene, God’s gift wrapped in Trisomy 18 packaging. This blog author is also author of Our Baby Will Be Different (Girl) / Our Baby Will Be Different (Boy), YA books to help children understand a rare diagnosis.