ChromoChallenges Jess Plummer Fulvic Minerals Before-After Since Starting

Fulvic Mineral Improvements After 1 Month

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My journey with health-supportive supplements led me to fulvic minerals.

ChromoChallenges Jess Plummer Fulvic Minerals Before-After Since Starting
Left: 27 June 2021, started Fulvic Minerals on 5 July , and Right: 25 July 2021.

Starting Out

I’m pretty intrigued by the results of my first three tries with BOO. I’ve been taking it in stride with subtle effects at 1/4, my husband on the other hand has been actively feeling it with headaches and dizziness and I’ll be reducing his intake to 1/8.

He pointed out to me that nothing else we’ve tried has created reactions of note, though I know the zeolite we use improved his moods. He has NAFLD and toe fungal issues. BOO has been harder on him, so we know it’s addressing something other things have not, but he’s going to work through it. It took overnight but he finally had a toxin dump this morning on the throne.

But me, my initial tries — took 1/8, then in the evening 1/4.

Many symptoms felt:

3:15, Pre-BOO

Background on how I felt: I had contracted a staph infection in June 2021 due to my son’s eczema and we were bad enough to need antibiotics. But after them, I’ve had some bad side effects, including those below, but also including my vision… going orange, which I’ve only been able to find associated with dioxin levels. (ER said my feelings were in my head… my labs were “fine” according to them.)

Symptoms: Fatigue. Dizziness and stars. Nausea. Headache. Sinus congestion crawling around my left eye starting from where I had an abscessed tooth a few years ago. Kidney pinching. Very swollen back of neck, puffy ankles and legs and face. And apparently, panic attacks again from 1-3AM three nights that I need to check my Body Clock book about.

By 3:21, After… less tension first. Sinus relief slightly. Lymphatic drainage feeling. No more headache.

3:31, stomach curdly and feeling a stool coming in near future.

3:33, had to stool NOW. Stools loose, but it was easy to pass. Whereas I’ve been feeling constipated for a week. Breathing not as tight.

3:36, Overall bloating receding. Dizziness almost gone. Sinus still slowly clearing slightly. On waking this morning: Bladder pain gone. Barely feel like I did Pre-BOO. Still some fatigue between doses. Breathing more relaxed still.

I did my first soak with 1/4 tsp of powder. Bath effects: Tailbone had a brief dullish sharp pain that eased. Slightly tight breathing that eased. Two sudden “pimples” that drained. A not-prickle almost-crawl sensation initially for any part in water as submerged. Overall relaxation. Skin softening.

ChromoChallenges Jess Plummer Fulvic Minerals First Bath Before and After
This photo clearly shows that my bath took up something from Before to After. I didn’t shampoo that first bath, so it’s not cloudy from soap.

Also, following my bath I… just had far less inflammation:

ChromoChallenges Jess Plummer Fulvic Minerals First Bath Inflammation Before and After
Before and After my first bath using fulvic minerals.

Tooth Remineralization

I originally heard about the successful use of fulvic minerals in a natural tooth remineralization support group. So I incorporated it as part of our tooth remineralization journey.

ChromoChallenges Jess Plummer Fulvic Minerals First Tooth Brushing
First time brushing my teeth using fulvic minerals in my tooth care regimen. Yes, I laughed at my “Bog Witch” middle pic too.

Aubby’s Reflux And GI Function

From the first day using fulvic minerals, Aubby’s GI function improved. She moved to three good-size bowel movements daily, of better consistency. I know I’ve said that for live probiotic and zeolite also, but fulvic minerals have been even more reliable for this need. For several months we’d taken to using digestive enzymes during her meals, and the minerals we have been using made that less necessary. Long-term they would be useful still, but she hasn’t hurt without them.

As Aubby’s bowel movements improved with fulvic minerals, she also gained weight, filled out and had some growth spurts. Fulvic minerals improved stool habits, which helps if she’s having reflux.

My caveat on this note is that I’m still glad I started with live probiotic, then zeolite, before starting fulvic minerals. What I’m glad I’ve had going for everything I’ve tried is that Aubby’s had the least amount of reactivity to my approaches as I’ve worked through things in the order I have. Streamlining my process, however, is another matter, and I would probably overlap the time for each thing by a couple months.

Speech Regression

My son’s had many new words since we started fulvic minerals. He’s started repeating after us. [My husband] asked if he wanted to help him cook, and Eo said ‘Cook.’ So, so cute. The other day he said ‘Hat’, and started saying ‘Boo’ (for boobies, which he’s not having anymore, as Mama Is Done). He’s said ‘Na-na’ (for banana), ‘Food’, ‘Wa’ (for water), and he says “Juice”. He tried to say ‘Coffee’ after he stole my cup, but it came out like ‘Cov-eiii?’ with a squeak on the end. He started telling me ‘Owie’ when his eczema was flaring so I would kiss his wrist or knee where it hurt. He says ‘doggies’ or ‘cogg-ies’ (for hotdog), and ‘Puppies’ to watch Lady and the Tramp.

From the time of his 13-month immunization, he’d regressed with no new words. Yet, just a couple months before that he’d been clearly starting to have words including ‘Daddy’ and ‘Mama’. We started fulvic minerals when he was 20 months old, and it was a a week to about a week-and-a-half later that he started having all those words.

My Son’s Eczema

In addition, the severity of his eczema and weight have both improved. He still scratches badly, but it’s not pouring weeping and dripping blood — rather, I can actually distract him from scratching, he brings his itches to me to put kisses on instead of messing with them, or if he does scratch it’s less major. This stuff we’re using must help control staph levels, because I’ve rarely had to resort to any additional tinctures.

This is in order of his worst flare (top left) and how that healed (top middle), through more healing with topical zinc oxide (bottom left), his next worst flare after supplements, salt baths, and skin salve (bottom middle), and now how he looks since being on fulvic minerals (right). Still not perfect, but so much closer.

Weight wise, he’s had such bad allergies since he was four months old (including corn/synthetic corn derivatives intolerance like his sister) that getting good nutrition has been an issue. I had to work on his sensitivities until he could tolerate his sister’s multivitamin, and then started supplementing that alongside some other things. But fulvic minerals boosted her weight, and his. In eczema, amino acids don’t reach the skin, so fulvic minerals must be helping his cells uptake/process more of what they need for healing.

My Hair

After having my two babies, I felt pretty, pretty drained. My wait as thick and I couldn’t whittle it down. I felt depressed and anxious, my appetite was huge with little satisfaction. I made a lot of headway with live probiotic and zeolite by them helping remove toxins that likely had accumulated due to how a mother’s immune system changes to sustain a pregnancy.

I did start nascent iodine, with some luck. What I didn’t know were the cofactors that should be taken alongside iodine. I didn’t get to know them until later after starting fulvic minerals, having the success in the photo below, and then finding and self-educating on Dr. Brownstein’s Iodine Protocol.

ChromoChallenges Jess Plummer Fulvic Minerals Hair 14 July and 1 August 2021

(Unexpectedly, the fulvic minerals also gave my libido a nice boost, which I’d stopped being friends with some years ago‚Ķ)

What I ended up with following starting the fulvic minerals my family uses is hair that was finally shiny again, less grey in my hair, my hair color lightened, my hair gained a bit more body, and the thinning stopped doing that. Eureka!


I’m not sure what other changes are to come, and I still have a couple protocols I’m pursuing, but I’m just as excited as I’ve been on this leg of my family’s journey as I was in the first two big leaps.

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