ChromoChallenges Jess Plummer Metabolic Panel Showing Corn Allergy Intolerance

Corn Allergy Intolerance Reactions

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This post is a running collection of verifiable allergic/intolerance reactions to corn/synthetic corn derivatives.

Failing metabolic panel

My daughter had a failing metabolic panel in December 2019, which also showed signs of malnutrition. Neither GI nor the ER found any problem with the dietitian-approved regimen my family’s used for years. At the time, I was nearing the end of the allergies I could figure out contributed to my four-year-old daughter’s severe chronic reflux she’d had since 4 months old. My final attempt to help her was trying out full elimination of all corn/synthetic corn derivatives — polyester, processed food items, moving to high water filtration, and replacing all household chemicals. By September 2020, her metabolic panel was almost within range again, and she’d gained 6 pounds. That kind of gain showed that consumption of synthetic corn derivatives was contributing to nutrient malabsorption. This is my only direct confirmation of corn intolerance, as IgE testing did not confirm reaction.

ChromoChallenges Jess Plummer Metabolic Panel Showing Corn Allergy Intolerance

Name Brand Vaseline and Additives

The next two photos are examples of corn derivatives my son has reacted to. They are minor reactions because I trial before I allow full use. What’s bothersome is that photo evidence, which I have far more graphic allergic reaction photos, may not be “enough” for allergists to “believe”.

In the case of the Vaseline, I’d already figured out my son was reacting to corn derivatives like his sister does. However, the Allergist I met with for my son insisted I try Vaseline on his severe eczema. Ordinarily, it would “trap hydration to allow healing”. In his case, since I needed to for-sure trial it to ensure he was unable to use it, I tried it on his arms from shoulder to hands, on his legs from hip to toes, on all of his belly and back, and the back of his neck. Then we went to lay down so I could get him to sleep. Instead of sleep, what happened instead was he screamed (far worse than his crying in the left-hand frame of the Vaseline photo), and he scratched himself to ribbons all night until he was dripping and his skin shredded. That is not uncommon for things his eczema reacts to when he is exposed, which includes several food items.

Later, we tried different juices. He cannot do berries, but in addition to that, he cannot tolerate citric and ascorbic acid derivatives, both of which were present in the non-organic juice he tried that day. That very small mottling flare was after one small sip, and he was itchy. Switching to a cleaner brand of orange juice allowed him to have a juice.

ChromoChallenges Jess Plummer Photo Showing Corn Allergy Intolerance Vaseline
This was after a small application of Vaseline on his cheek.
This was after a sip of store bought orange juice.

Have a verifiable corn reaction to share? Feel free to contact me to discuss your addition to this matter.

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