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A Note On Histamines And Flourish

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Histamine concerns is an issue I’ve been asked a few times and have seen is a worry for others in the support communities I follow for corn allergy/intolerance, chromosomal trisomy, and chemical sensitivity and autoimmune needs.

I know two other corn intolerant families that use it, and my family is the third corn family I know who does. My daughter is moderate-intolerant to corn, gluten, dairy, berries, egg, and beef, and my son is also corn intolerant, reacts to bone broth and bone-in cooked meats and sugars and peanut, has severe eczema and markers tested extremely high to nightshade, egg, and fish allergens, and both kids are chemical sensitive. But both kids can handle it.

Entegro Flourish is my first-line probiotic tool. It works even at a single drop or two, which is where my daughter had to start due to her medically fragile state that has since improved. It is a good heavy lifter.

Per other customer feedback, some have come off mast cell stabilizers, and others have seen lack of histamine response unlike with other probiotics. Flourish has a good track record as far as histamine goes and might at least be worth considering to trial.

Another idea to help bind excess histamine — zeolite might be worth considering as a different place to start decreasing inflammation. And my experience with my kids is that decreasing inflammation leads to less reactivity overall, over time.

What about other options of probiotic?

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I cannot speak on these others being histamine-friendly specifically, but if we’re talking about potential others from brands I trust that could prove useful then one of these might be considering to trial.

I’ve heard BioGaia Protectis baby drops is useful. (Includes sunflower oil, so it was okay for my daughter but not my son.)

I’m having success with Pure Therapro Rx single-strain S. boulardii poured out of the capsule. (I prefer liquid, or capsules like this so I can do this to cut down on even more “extras” like what the cap is made of.)

Mary Ruth brand has become one I trust, typically using palm glycerin in their products. Mary Ruth has a combination liquid probiotic available, and also an infants version liquid probiotic.

Naturelo brand prenatal multivitamin (adjusted to 2 capsules) is what my daughter uses for multivitamin. Haven’t tried it yet, but I’d imagine Naturelo‘s probiotic is similarly awesome.

Garden Of Life brand has some surprisingly good products. Garden of Life has a combination probiotic for infants available.

I’ve also heard encouragement for L. reuteri taken alongside a temporary meat-based diet to restore gut function also, but I have not tried that approach yet.

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