ChromoChallenges Jess Plummer Pfizer V In The News
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This post will follow adverse effects news articles that come out about the Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine in order to more easily assess trends regarding its safety over time.

ChromoChallenges Jess Plummer Pfizer V In The News

15 APR 2021, CNBC — Pfizer CEO says third Covid vaccine dose likely needed within 12 months

14 April 2021, NYT — The E.U.’s vaccination campaign gets a lift from Pfizer as it promises a big switch in strategy

03 February 2021, BGR — These are the coronavirus vaccine side effects you should expect, according to the CDC

  • What’s being increasingly asked for is for anaphylactic individuals to be ready to be trached or intubated or Epi-penned in order to receive a vaccine substance that if the manufacturers that be would find suitable, nontoxic alternatives for, would stop being an issue. Theo has bad egg reactions, among other things (fish, nightshades, chemicals that Aubby also reacts to, and I have to see my list to remember everything — he’s got upcoming allergy testing scheduled), but vaccines for egg allergic individuals are now ‘okay’. I was told the MMR is not egg based like the Varicella, but then after he received it I was told it’s less egg based. How might he react to future squalene when he’s so reactive to fish? The beginning of every food and chemical intolerance my kids have can be found in them, and it makes me wonder how such develops when an immune response is being elicited to an antigen alongside all of those factors with metal adjuvants to boost immune response. It’s not a mystery to me that people have so many allergies and intolerances, as metals bind to proteins, so maybe they bind to egg proteins too, and I wonder how that mechanism works in vaccines for the ingredients used to create and to preserve them. I have so far found studies trying to prove that anaphylaxis is okay to press with an allergy response team waiting, but none as yet for my hypothesis.
  • But outside of my opinion of development of allergies, is it okay for allergic individuals to be required to submit to a substance that could seriously damage them to require live saving measures? That puts the odds in the same circle as just contracting the virus and dealing with it. Also, unless an individual tests positive for allergic reaction, severe intolerance is treated like psychosomatic activity.
  • And PEG may not be a food ingredient, but it’s still ingested as a laxative and now intravenously. Why are pharmaceuticals not considered food ingredients when they are ingested? Herbs are. Corn derivatives are hydrocarbon derivatives and apply to both food additives and to chemicals.
  • Yes, chemicals worry me more now. I would be less animated over this if people actually gave a rip about prevention over covering up why they get sick in the first place.

28 JAN 2021, NY Post — California health care worker dies days after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

22 JAN 2021, CNBC — CDC quietly changes Covid vaccine guidance to OK mixing Pfizer and Moderna shots in ‘exceptional situations’

19 DEC 2020, The Hill — CDC issues new guidance addressing allergic reactions to coronavirus vaccine

10 DEC 2020, CNBC — Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine documents were ‘unlawfully accessed’ in a cyberattack on Europe’s medicines agency

  • The only reason this interests me is that this story coming out following a PDF document that was
    floating around the internet, that has since been scrubbed. The news article is vague on details that the document had specified that the CV19 vaccines out right now might attack syncytin-1 associated with placental and sperm development that could be sterilizing, in addition to the CV19 spike protein if it mistook it.
  • It was a doc via this link that was to have been submitted to the agency mentioned in the news article:
    ( If it was a hack that made it available this week, that’d explain why I couldn’t get to it via a link when I went searching for kicks because others were freaking out. I saw badly made WordPress website with that PDF drop. However, the doc is gone now. Things don’t just disappear when they’re fake, they’re shown in
    comparison so people can see for themselves and then made fun of. Same shit I’ve been saying about censorship all along this year, especially with an announcement about the agency having been accessed. So, potential spike protein sterilization?
  • IMG
  • This is the explanation: No, the COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t cause infertility in women (USA Today, 11 December 2020). Which is true, as the names involved had only petitioned for delay in order to ascertain if it was true. So… No. I would rather take vitamin D and wear masks.

09 DEC 2020, Business Insider — Anyone with a history of “significant” allergies to food or medicines should avoid the current Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine, the UK regulator said, after two people had reactions

  • “As a result, the UK drug regulator has warned people with a history of significant allergic reactions to food, medicine, or vaccines to avoid the Pfizer vaccine in its current state.”

09 DEC 2020, Business Insider — A nurse in the Pfizer vaccine trial said her side effects were so bad she worried she had the virus – but it was worth it

  • Actually: Vaccines can shed. My research on eczema also shows they can basically auto-inoculate by being spread to other areas of the body (eczema vaccinatum). Some vulnerable populations in the same household are capable of also experiencing illness of what’s been vaccinated against. Finally, see Shoenfeld 2011 regarding autoimmune/inflammation by adjuvants.
  • Vaccines are useful, but they’re not devoid of side effects. The most common stated in packaging inserts are brain inflammation and skin issues.
  • As a parent, I’d have appreciated being informed of all this instead of having to research it myself because people are told that vaccines are devoid of effects. If it can spike an immune system, immune system effects are bound to be included.
  • As a parent, I’d also appreciate if the medical system would stop adding vaccines to the schedule that shouldn’t be there, like the varicella and flu vaccines. Stuff like polio makes sense. And stop combining them! People aren’t usually dealing with three to five issues at once.

09 DEC 2020, Egypt Independent — FDA: Six people die during Pfizer/BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine trials

  • “In a statement released by US channel Al-Hurra, the FDA confirmed that among the deceased was a participant who was obese and suffering from arteriosclerosis and died three days after taking the first dose of the vaccine.”
  • “The FDA added that two participants died from heart attacks or stroke, and the cause of death of two others is still being determined.” Three of those 6 were over age 55. “According to Pfizer’s website, Phase Three of the clinical trials included a total of 43,538 participants.”
  • Unfortunately, that’s where my interest in doing the math for this ends because it’s numbers. Or I’d figure out the projected percentage of 6 out of 43,538 since it looks like potential death in the over-55 population would be half of that percentage number with capability to be all of that percentage number. I’d need to go look up the trials for the others.

09 DEC 2020, NPR — U.K. Regulators Tell People With Severe Allergies Not To Get Vaccine

  • Allergies = gut health needs support. Allergies in this news piece relate to asthma, skin issues like eczema, food intolerances, medicine intolerances…
  • “A 2016 study in Analytical Chemistry reported detectable and sometimes high levels of anti-PEG antibodies (including first-line-of-defense IgM antibodies and later stage IgG antibodies) in approximately 72% of contemporary human samples and about 56% of historical specimens from the 1970s through the 1990s. Of the 72% with PEG IgG antibodies, 8% had anti-PEG IgG antibodies > 500ng/ml., which is considered extremely elevated. Extrapolated to the U.S. population of 330 million who may receive this vaccine, 16.6 million may have antibody levels associated with adverse effects.”

09 DEC 2020, USA Today — ‘No point in dying now’: 91-year-old British grandad wins the internet with his vaccination story

  • lmao @ “very unexciting” I wonder if the elderly population is being used first to determine severity since they’re senior. Like elderly in Asia go into radiation areas so the young don’t.

09 DEC 2020, Yahoo! News — Coronavirus updates: ‘Incalculable loss’ of life in Los Angeles County; Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf tests positive; Canada OKs Pfizer vaccine

08 DEC 2020, — “I am concerned about the possibility that the new vaccines aimed at creating immunity against the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein (including the mRNA vaccines of Moderna and Pfizer) have the potential to cause microvascular injury to the brain, heart, liver, and kidneys in a way that does not currently appear to be assessed in safety trials of these potential drugs.” Comment from J. Patrick Whelan MD PhD

12 November 2020, BGR — People who got Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine revealed the side effects you can expect

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